When Is It Time to Get New Car Tyres?

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There are times when it's obvious that your vehicle needs new tyres; when the tread of a tyre is so worn down that the tyre is actually smooth, then of course it needs replacing! However, many car owners fail to recognize when their car or truck needs new tyres, and why it's so important to replace them. Note a few signs that it may be time to get new tyres for your vehicle so you know you're always safe when on the road.

The tyres are old

You may assume that the lifespan of tyres means just miles or kilometres driven with those tyres, but the material of tyres can break down over time, no matter your driving habits. Long-term exposure to cold weather can make rubber very brittle so it's more likely to crack and split, and hot weather can make rubber soft, so it may then shift out of shape and lose some of its tread; this happens even when tyres are stored in a warehouse. The belts under the rubber that help hold the tyre together can also eventually wear out and snap, weakening the tyre. Consider the age of the tyres on your vehicle no matter the miles or kilometres you've driven, and replace them as needed.

The vehicle is now heavier

Are you now towing a trailer behind your vehicle, or have you added a roof rack so you can hold heavy bikes or other sporting goods? If so, you want to think about changing out the tyres of the vehicle. Smaller tyres may not be strong enough to stand up to that added weight and may start to become misshapen, or they may not offer enough traction and grip when you're driving with a heavy trailer. Upgraded tyres can mean more traction, better handling and better safety when on the road.

You need to consistently inflate a tyre

A tyre can deflate once if there is debris in the nozzle, allowing air to escape; this debris will eventually works its way out of that small opening, and the tyre then stays inflated. However, if the tyre consistently deflates, there is typically a puncture or hole in the tyre that will usually just get worse over time. This puncture or hole can also put the tyre at risk of a blowout, which can be very dangerous when you're on the road. Rather than constantly re-inflating that tyre, have it replaced for your own safety.