4 Signs You Should Consider Investing In Run-Flat Tyres

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Run-flat tyres are quite similar to traditional tyres, except they are made with a reinforced interior wall. This small change means that a run-flat tyre is able to keep running even when it sustains a puncture. The technology has been around for a while, but run-flat tyres have recently become more popular and are often included as standard with luxury vehicles.

While run-flat tyres can be great for most drivers, there are some people who will benefit more than others. Here are just four signs you might want to consider adding them to your vehicle.

1. You Often Travel Through Remote Areas

A punctured run-flat tyre does need to be changed eventually, but you'll be able to drive on it just fine for quite a distance. In contrast, you really need to pull over and have a regular tyre changed right away. This is fine for most drivers, but it can be a problem if you regularly travel through remote areas since you'll generally be far from a garage and may need to wait a long time for roadside assistance.

2. Your Vehicle Can't Take a Spare Tyre

Most modern vehicles have space for a spare tyre and often come with one fitted as standard, but this is not always the case. If your vehicle cannot take a spare tyre, opting for run-flat tyres makes sense. Without the option to pull over and change the damaged tyre for the spare, it's nice to know you can always keep driving until you find a garage.

3. You Frequently Cover Rough Terrain

The strong sidewalls of run-flat tyres make them less vulnerable to damage. Even if a run-flat tyre is punctured, you won't lose control of the vehicle. In contrast, traditional tyres can lose pressure so fast during a blowout that it's easy to lose control. If you regularly drive across unpaved surfaces, it's wise to choose tyres that can handle such environments, and run-flat tyres fit the bill.

4. You Need the Extra Storage

Even if your vehicle can take a spare tyre, you might need extra cargo space for other items, such as tools. If this is the case, it can be tempting to remove the spare tyre to free up room in your cargo area, but this can leave you stranded if you do puncture a standard tyre. By using run-flat tyres, you'll have the freedom to leave the spare tyre at home without having to worry about getting stranded.

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